Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rounds, Zebra Jasper Necklace and Focal in Choice of Metal Finish



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Sara whiteJewelry whiteDesign. whiteThese whitenecklaces whitefeature whitedramatic white25mm whitesquare whitezebra whitejasper whitefocal whitedrops whitesurrounded whiteby white10mm whiterounds whitein whitethe whitesame whitestone, whiteand whiteare whitecomplemented whiteby whitemetallic whitespacer whitebeads, whitebead whitecaps whiteand white4mm whiteSwarovski whiteSmoked whiteTopaz whitebicone whitecrystals. whiteThe whitecenter whiteof whiteeach whitedesign whitemeasures whiteroughly whitesix whiteinches, whiteand whitethe whitefocal whitedrop whiteis whiteapproximately white1-1/4 whiteinches. whiteOverall whitenecklace whitelength whiteis white18 whiteinches.The whitenecklace whiteis whitethen whitecompleted whitewith white2mm whitecurb whitelink whitechain whitein whiteeither whitea whitegold whiteor whitea whitesilver whitefinish white(gold whiteplating whiteover whitebrass whiteand whitesilver whiteplating whiteover whitesteel). whiteInterrupting whitethe whitechain whiteis whitea whitesmall, whiteshank whitewrapped whiteinset whitefeaturing whitean whiteadditional whiteSwarovski whitecrystal whitecapped whitewith whitemetal whitespacer whitebeads. whiteNecklaces whiteclose whitewith whitesimple whitespring-ring whiteclasps. whiteThere whiteare whitetwo whitenecklaces whiteavailable, whiteone whiteeach whitein whitegold whitefinish whiteand whitesilver whitefinish. whiteChoose whiteyour whitefavorite whitefrom whitethe whitedrop whitedown whitemenu.MPIN whiteNW whiteGP white1101113-01.1188 whiteandMPIN whiteNW whiteSP white1101113-02.1181I whitewill whiteship whitethis whiteyour whiteway whitethe whitenext whitebusiness whiteday whitevia whiteUSPS whitefirst whiteclass whiteinsured whitemail whitewith whitea whitetracking whiteID whitenumber. whiteIF whiteYOU whiteNEED whiteEXPEDITED whiteSHIPPING, whiteplease whitecontact whiteme whitefirst whitewith whiteyour whiteZIP whitecode whitefor whitea whiteshipping whitequote.Sara whiteJewelry whiteDesign. whiteYour whiteDesire whiteis whiteOur whiteDesign.

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