Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hammered, Hammered Silver Spear Necklace



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This mixed metalshammered, mixed metalsrustic mixed metalsspear mixed metalsis mixed metalsmodernized mixed metalsby mixed metalsa mixed metalsbrass mixed metalsrivet mixed metalsand mixed metalsa mixed metalsbrass mixed metalschain mixed metalsdetail. mixed metalsPerfect mixed metalsfor mixed metalsthe mixed metalswarrior mixed metalsin mixed metalsus mixed metalsall mixed metalsand mixed metalsa mixed metalsgreat mixed metalsunisex mixed metalspiece. mixed metalsIt mixed metalsmakes mixed metalsa mixed metalsperfect mixed metalslayering mixed metalsnecklace. mixed metalsIt mixed metalsalso mixed metalscomes mixed metalsin mixed metalsbrass. mixed metalsIt mixed metalshangs mixed metalson mixed metalsan mixed metalsoxidized, mixed metalsadjustable mixed metals16-18" mixed metalssterling mixed metalschain. mixed metals2nd mixed metalsphoto mixed metalsshows mixed metalsthis mixed metalspiece mixed metalslayered mixed metalswith mixed metalsthe mixed metalstriple mixed metalsspear mixed metalsnecklace mixed metalsin mixed metalsmixed mixed metalsmetals.

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