Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Olive Green Owl Woven Wire Wrapped Pendantcrye, Nature Woodland Necklacecrye, Miniature Bird Necklacecrye, Artisan Boho Jewelry



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"Green woodland animalOwl" woodland animalIs woodland animala woodland animalunique woodland animalolive woodland animallucite woodland animalowl woodland animalpendant woodland animalwrapped woodland animaland woodland animalwoven woodland animalin woodland animalvintage woodland animalbronze woodland animalparawire woodland animalwith woodland animalonyx woodland animaland woodland animalcrystal woodland animalaccents. woodland animalComes woodland animalwith woodland animaleither woodland animalan woodland animal18 woodland animalor woodland animal24 woodland animalinch woodland animalbrass woodland animalchain.

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