Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

copper findings, Carved Carnelian Rose Focal Pendant with Copper Chain and Findings



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Sara floralJewelry floralDesign. floralI floraltook floralthis florallovely floralcarved floralcarnelian floralfocal floraland floralset floralit floraloff floralwith florala floralcopper floralchain floraland floralcopper floralfindings, floralincluding florala floraltoggle floralclasp. floralBold floraland floralbeautiful. floralThe floralfocal floralis floralapproximately floral1.75 floralinches floralin floraldiameter floraland floralroughly floral5mm floralthick. floralSara floralJewelry floralDesign. floralYour floralDesire floralis floralOur floralDesign.

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