Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

red, Vintage Brass With Red Jewels Belt Buckle



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Vintage redBelt redBuckle\r\rThe redbuckle redis redsolid redand redfun redreally reda redcute redlittle redbuckle redwith redred redjewled redinset redaround redit. redSeems redto redbe redbrass. red redI redam rednot redsure redof redits redage redI redwould redwage redto redguess redlate red60's redearly red70's.\r\rMeasures: red2 red1/2 redx red red3\r\rwill redship red1st redclass\r\rIF redYOU redWANT redTO redKNOW redMORE redABOUT redUS redCHECK redOUT redOUR redBLOG:\\r\rcheck redout redour redother redshop-1outanabout red\r\r\rNOTE redON redVINTAGE redITEMS:\rBe redaware redwhen redpurchasing redVintage reditems redthat redall redwill redarrive redin redused redcondition, redsome redmay redshow redwear redor redminor redage. redOther redtems redwe redsell redmay redeven redbe redmore reddesirable redbecause redof redtheir reddistressed redstate! redIf redthere redare rednoticeable reddefects redwe redusually reddeclare redthem, redbut redon reda redrare redoccasion redsome redminor reddefects redescape redour rednotice redor redseem redirrelevant redto redthe redover redall redbeauty redof redthe reditem. redWe redmay redfind redthem redcharming redand reddistinctive redwhere redothers redmay redhave reda reddifferent reddiscription redfor redthe reditem. redIt redis redall redin redthe redeye.\rBecause redof redthis redour reditems redare redSOLD-AS-IS.\rSo, redagain redplease reddo rednot redhesitate redshooting redus reda redquick rede-mail redand redwe redwill reddo redour redbest redon redour redend redto redanswer redall redyour redquestions. red\rAs redour redteachers redtaught redus red"There redis redNO redDUMB redquestions." redQuote redun redQuote!!!\r\r\rWe redare reda redsmokefree redhome..but redI reddare redsay redwe redhave redanimals redand redthere redmy redbe reda redstand redof redcat redor reddog redhair redon redour reditems. redWe redtry redso reddilegently redto redkeep redour redbeloved redanimals redoff redany redof redour reditems redbut redyou redcan't redkeep redthe redhair reddown redat redall redtimes. redSo redkeep redthis redin redmind redif redyou redhave redallergies redor redother redanimal redissues. redIf redyou redwould redlike redadditional redpics redjust redshoot redus reda redquick rede-mail redand redwe redwill redbe redmore redthan redglad redto redtake redmore redfor redyou. redThanks redfor redunderstanding redand redespecially redthanks redfor redpeeking redat redour reditems.

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